Personal Branding

The connection of your business with your clients, among other things, is based on the confidence that you transmit to them through the development of your personal image. If you are looking for professional portrait photographs. You are in the right place!


Regina has a special warmth that always generates a space of comfort and confidence leaving the presence of the camera in the background, working with Regi is such a rich human exchange, which leaves us much more than beautiful images, both sides.

Estefanía Siniscalchi

Regina is a super creative entrepreneur, she always comes with new ideas for my brand. The photos we took for my website were incredible, in addition to her work as a photographer she was involved in the entire production to achieve an original work and in line with my personal brand. Regina studies each client very well. Before taking the photos we sat down to plan them and she read very well what was the image I wanted to convey, my personal branding. That makes her a very creative professional, managing to capture in each job the connection between her personal seal and the client needs.

Marilina Dante

Divina Emperatriz

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