Hello! my name is Regina Pivetta, I am 32 years old and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a professional photographer who works with entrepeneurs to enhance their pressence in social media. 

I began my way through photography in 2006 when a good friend of mine gave me as a gift a rather worn-out Nikkormat analogue camera and a 50 mm lens.

Little by little I learned on my own how to use the camera and I was able to develop a personal view of what I was mostly interested in portraying. In a few years time I managed to get all the necessary equipment in order to be able to do professional photography and from 2010 up to
2015, together with four business partners we founded, headed and administered a studio of photography in Buenos Aires, which was called “Mosquito Studio”.

Our studio of photography gave me the chance to get to know a great deal of photographers and I was responsible for the art direction of the projects that were to be developed as well as for choosing and inviting young photographers to exhibit their work there.

During that time I enhanced my technical knowledge in portraiture and aimed at fostering and encouraging self esteem in every woman that posed for me as a way of approaching even closer to my own friends, working women, women with dreams and relentless fighters for life, inviting them to leave their natural context for a moment and allow themselves to enjoy a session of photography where open skin pores, big hips, illnesses or bags under their eyes were not a subject of discussion.

Photography not only occupies a labor role in my life, it is also my greatest passion. So in my spare time and more than anything while traveling I take the opportunity to dabble in the street  and travel photography using the instagram platform as a means of exposure.
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Moreover, for the past 13 years I have exhibited my work in photography in several cultural centres in Buenos Aires city.

Currently I am dedicated almost exclusively to create photographs for entrepreneurs and their commercial projects around the world, having clients from South America to Europe. Soon I will disembark in the United States to share my knowledge and passion for photography, Yay!